The Freakley and Ainley partnership was formed in 2002, after many years of friendship and exchanging quality birds.

We are extremely proud of our record at the B.S Club Show having won many CC's and 8 major awards which include back to back Best in Shows. We are hoping to maintain this level of success in the future.

Mick & Ian are both currently full members of the Budgerigar Society's main judges panel with Mick also being the B.S offical photographer.

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Mick and Jackie Freakley live in Kilby, near Leicester. They started breeding and exhibiting budgerigar in 1988, having kept them before in the early 70's. They have had varying success through the sections, but it wasn't until intermediate that they won there first challenge certificate with a young grey cock. They also won there first Best In Show as intermediate at Northampton B.S. On moving into Champion they were fortunate enough to win 3 Best In Show in open competition with 3 different birds in their first year.

Ian and Scott live in Littleborough near Rochdale. Ian has been breeding exhibition budgerigars since 1973 following the influence of his late father, who also had an outstanding stud of sky blues. Scott became interested at 11 years of age but preferred to have his own identity so he specialised in albinos. They have been fortunate to have had success at most of the countries top shows including Great Nor Western and the BS Club Show.

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